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How Rice Planter Works


 Struggle to free yourself from the tedious working of planting paddy by hand? esthe rice planter is a specialized transplanter fitted to transplant rice seedlings onto paddy field. The

machine can save considerable time and labor which makes it popular among the farmers.
How Rice Planter Works
The rice planter is mainly comprised of three parts,the motor and the running gear and the transplanter device. The transplanter
includes the the seedling tray the seeding tray shifter plural pickup forks.The seeding tray is like a shed roof where mat type rice nursery is set. When the rice transplanter is brought in
the field, the seedlings were fed on the seedling trays. Then the tray shifts seedlings like a carriage of typewriters as pickup forks get seedlings from the tray and put into the ground. The pickup folks act like human figures by taking seedlings from the tray and pushing them into the earth.
Unique Features of Paddy Transplanter
1.Equipped with new type seedling guard board,which can ensure the seedlings planted upright,orderly
2. Stainless steel seedling tray is much more durable.
3. Adjustable seat and steering gear box make the machine operate more comfortable and easier
4.Configured engine makes the machine performable and with low noise
5.0ptional seedling rows.Our machine has different models with different working rows to meet customer's requirement.
6.Hydraulic over ride system can move the floating board upward,left up and right up
7. Low noise designed transplanting arms can help driver to judge transplanting condition timely
Notice: we have paddy transplanter with iron wheel specially designed for puddling field