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Mechanical Structure of Light Duty Disc Harrow


Mechanical Structure of Light Duty Disc Harrow:

Light duty disc harrows consists of Disc Gang, harrow bracket,traction frame and deflection adjusting device
Disc is composed of several disc blades which are installed on square shaft at equal distances from each other. Harrow blades are connected with cross-member via bearings and bearing support plate.Our Disc harrow manufactured is installed with notched disc blades.They
chop up stover left from a previous crops such as cornstalks. There are 6-12 semicircular
notches along the outer edges of notched disc blades
Harrow bracket. lt is used to install componentssuch as Disc Gang,adjusting device and
traction frame.
Angle demodulator.It is used to adjust the deflection angle of disc harrow so that the disc
harrow can satisfy different working depth requirements
Traction device. As for suspension-type disc harrowthere are different hole sites on the
suspension bracket,the main purpose of which is to change the connection height. As for trailer-type disc harrow the transformation of working location and transportation location is
realized by landing gear.
In the actual production processDouble Action Disc Harrowsalso named Tandem Disc Harrows is used widely.