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Introduction of Mini Chaff Cutter


Mini chaff cutter,also called silage/forage chopperas its name savsis a small size fodder cutting machine used in small scale farms to chop dry or wet grass.

corn/wheat/cotton/soybean stalk into small pieces to feed the cowhorsepigrabbit,sheep,and chicken. Its production capacity is 400-1200kg per hour.

Mini Chaff Cutter Application


Mini hay cutter is designed to minimize wastage of fodder,being a good helper for individual farmers as it can process all kinds of grasses and straws. This chopper machine is with small size but high efficiency in cutting digestible animal feed.It is cheap and movable with4 wheels design,taking custoi mer experience into full consideration.

Small scale chaff cutter can be classified into 3 models: 9ZP-04,9ZP0.4A9ZP0.4Baccording to tinymoderation in its functions.9Z-04A chaff cutter adopts four blades,9ZP-0.4B

six blades as the cutting device. operators don't need to change belt pulley. The structure of the small silage/forage chopper is compact and reasonable. The whole frame adopts the

2.7mm thickened steel plateblades made of manganese steel which makes the cutting effect better


Mini silage chopper is equipped with gear level,the function of which is to change the length of the fodder by the way of adjusting it instantly. ts production capacity depends on the

feed raw material & its moisture content

Features of 9ZP-0.4 Mini Chaff Cutter


1. Good performance and high efficiency. Because the inlet is widened,so the average output of the mini chaff cutter can be reached at 400-1200kg/h

2.Small size,lightweight.For users,easy to operate and move by oneself.

3.The grasses-cut length can be adjusted.It can process different lengths of fodder, which meets the different needs of customers.

4. The customers can choose to equip with 4 pieces of blades or 6 pieces.

5.High stability lower noiseand long service life

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