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75HP 4x4 farm tractor


Bona enterprise is the famous farm tractor company who already gained the BN series tractors that have the great reputation around the world. Bona BN75 Series have both 2WD and 4WD type tractor for dry and paddy field and for transportation. It can be used for various farm working with many implements, such as plough, harrow, harvest machine, flail mower ,trailer etc. It is not thesmall tractor.        
farm tractorFeatures of BN750/754 Tractor:
1. BN750/754 tractors are 75hp tractors, specially used in mountain areas and muddy roads.
2. 4in1 combined light is used in the front, and modular lights can provide good lighting at night.
3. Successfully passed ISO9001 International Quality Certification System;
4. It has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, low tremble, high traction, high adaptability and easy start. 
5.This kind of farm tractor price is flat with the lowest.

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