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Good quality new type oil press machine for sale


Bona has many kinds of good quality oil press, they are all with good quality and high efficiency, the products are really good enough. Our oil press machine is with high work efficiency and high capacity. The configuration is better and the electrical device is complete enough. With the high efficiency, it is with vacuum filtration. And it could produce more pure edible oil, this is really the users’ wanting.

good quality oil press
Our new type oil press machine is really with high yield and wide application. They can press more than 2 kinds of oil crops. For the maintenance, If you need long-term storage, you should maintain vegetable oil expeller one time completely. At the same time, you need to wash the press screw, press bar and oil cake outlet, then coat them with oil again. Then keep in the dry place. When theoil press machine for sale, we must have the highlight to show your.

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