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Low cost high quality with famous engine 4WD farm tractor


As a professional farming tractor company, the products of Bona is all low cost high quality farm tractor. And the tractor parts are with the famous brand products. This tractor is with strong power, compact structure, advanced design, and complete function. Equipped with good quality engine showing advanced capacity, low fuel consumption and high economic efficiency. The tractor here introduced is the 4WD farm tractor which is drove by 4 wheels.

low cost high quality farm tractor
It has flat floor, right side installed operation system, all these characteristics makes operation comfortable and efficiency. 80L enlarged fuel tank, ensure long working time 8+2(optional 16+4) Transmission type, with reasonable matching of gear position and strong agricultural adaptability. Independent hydraulic fuel system with high reliability. Strengthened chassis having great extension capacity and high reliability. The tractors using is really practical.

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