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Small compact front loader tractor for sale garden tractor front loader


Small compact front loader tractor in Bona is good enough for the customers to purchase. This is the best strength show for our Bona. Torque device and fixed gearbox, more reliable performance. Complete hydraulic changing direction system, reliable performance, convenient operation. This kind of small loader tractor is easy operation and with good quality, once the small compact front loader tractor for sale, a lot of people will buy it.

Can allocate many kinds of selectable assembly such as wooden fork, pipe fork, grass fork, stone bucket, enlarge bucket, prolonged arm etc, to meet the needs of various working states. All machines adopts world famous YTO engine which guarantees the quality and meanwhile more powerful. For this loader tractor, it could loader many things which is very convenient for the users. The garden tractor front loader is really very practical.

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