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Used fiat farm tractors for sale, Pakistan fiat tractor 480


The used fiat farm tractors for sale, but the cuatomers shows the high interested in this used tractors. Going on the fiat company, 1932 saw the launch of the first European crawler tractor, the Fiat 700C. In the same year, tractor production was transferred from Turin to Modena, where OCI (Officine Costruzioni Industriali) was founded. That shows the strength and ablity of the fiat tractor company.

used farm tractor for sale
It is no denying that thePakistan fiat tractor 480 is also very popular, for the fiat tractors, the first tractor produced at the new plant was the 702C with 28 Hp instead of 35, much lighter than the previous version. This tractor was to remain in production until 1950, with 4,000 units produced. The productivity and supply ability are better guaranteed. With these superiority, Pakistan fiat tractor 480 price can be accepted.

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