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Farm tractor for sale Philippines, tractores usados en estados unidos


When the farm tractor for sale Philippines, the different kinds of tractor attracts different group people. The fiat winner series was followed by the launch of the “G” models designed for large fields and large tilling applications and the M Series, with the M100, 115, 135 and 160 models.The "G" series belonged to the product line of VERSATILE, a North American company which was already cooperating with FIAT on large-sized machines under the HESSTON brand.

farm tractor for sale
Tractores usados en estados unidos, The G series was presented at the "Fiera del Levante” Exhibition in Bari in 1993; its styling was similar to Ford machines and the Fiat Agri logo appeared in blue instead of red. A few months later, Agri s.p.a. took over Ford Tractor, which a few years earlier had itself acquired a combine and forage equipment specialist, New Holland Inc. Cheap farm tractor for sale, with the good quality, it is worth for buying it.

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