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Massey Ferguson tractors for sale 290, Massey Ferguson 290 tractors


Massey Ferguson tractors for sale 290, the one best selling type tractor, is really popular, not only because of its quality and brand, but also the service! In a complex turn of events, the Massey family turned to steam engine builder L.D. Sawyer & Company of Hamilton, Ontario, and started a line of steam tractors. These engines were quite successful and were built in a number of sizes. That’s one of the reasons that this brand is so popular.

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Massey Ferguson 290 tractors are also with the good engines and high efficiency. For Massey Ferguson, the 25 horsepower was popular, and the expanding Prairie provinces clamoured for big breaking engines. Massey also experimented with tandem compound engines. Sawyer Massey lasted only until 1910 when the firm was wound down, and Massey went into oil engines. With these deep tractor studying, the Massey Ferguson tractors price high is understandable.

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