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The difference between cold pressing oil and hot pressing oil


We may hear the cold pressing oil presser and hot pressing oil presser, but many of us can not know the meaning of it. Most of vegetable oil is hot pressed oil in our daily life. Namely the oil raw materials was cleared and crushed, then heat them before pressing oil, it occurs a series of changes inside of oil raw materials: damage the oil materials cell, bring protein denaturation, reduce oil viscosity, etc, so that convenient to press oil and improve oil yield.

That is hot pressing oil presser. But with the development of the quality of life in recent years, people more and more like cold press oil about vegetable oil. As to cold press oil, you do not need heat oil raw materials, in the low temperature condition, feed the oil raw materials to oil press. The temperature of pressed oil is lower, acid value is also lower. In thus condition, the oil was not need refining, just through precipitating and filtering to get product oil. Noe there are manycold and hot pressing oil pressers in the market.

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