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The agricultural technology is under the national support


China will intensify its efforts to encourage the development of agricultural technologies and basic research both sides of the border, in order to maintain sustainable agricultural growth.
The main purpose is to ensure national food security and meet the needs of agricultural development in order to improve land yield, resource utilization and labor productivity, says the document.
As more laboratory construction, but also to carry out major research projects and public interest related to agricultural development, and new varieties of GMO cultivation will continue.
Achieve thriving agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, the only way to upgrade the industrial structure of China is the use of modern manufacturing technological transformation of traditional agriculture machinerymanufacturing-farm tractors made in china.
Modern manufacturing techniques and information technology to promote the overall level widely adopted, including product design , development, production and manufacturing, business management, marketing, resource allocation , shorten product development cycles , reduce costs and improve efficiency, reduce pollution, improve resource utilization, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure , taking a new road to industrialization。
Have the opportunity to adjust the structure,characteristics of the positive development of advanced manufacturing technology , high efficiency , energy saving , low pollution ; through the promotion of the project, to increase financial support for technological innovation in manufacturing agricultural machinery,agricultural machinery manufacturing technology to increase financial support for transformation, accelerate agricultural enterprises of the main points of information technology to achieve a gradual , step by step information network industry ; seize the opportunity of international industrial transfer , encourage cooperation and foreign advanced technology , jointly developed a wide range of production, the introduction of modern logistics technology and management techniques to the information represented bring the whole level of industrialization improved. Policies , eliminate backward production devices.


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