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How agriculture tractor parts are installed


After a flat rod is connected to the tractor for towing or towing. It can be connected to the frame at a fixed height, Tractors(tractor for sale)and implementation capacity provided to different distances between the tow. Or may be provided between the variable height, but at a fixed distance from the tractor lower links 3PH.
Installation of front-end loader farm tractor:
An exchange exhaust pipe fittings.
2. Connector at the bottom of the frame bolted upright and tractors.
3. Joint bucket, lifting arm, leg and cylindrical pin.
4. Down the leg support firm, loaders, tractors driven close to the column after the vertical column, find the right position, the pin connector and rapid changes in the cotter pin.
5. Through the hose pipe, high pressure hose can not be twisted and pulled too tightly installed.
6. When assembled, each of the lubricating oil to the hinge to rotate freely.
7. After assembly, start the engine idle speed, combined with a gear pump, multi-valve operating rod working device, check the coupling of all piping to ensure no leakage.
8. Operating multi-valve lever, so the four-cylinder and piping filled with oil, then add the hydraulic oil line, so as not to pump air.
9. If the tractor to do other tasks, pull out the foot, leg support down firmly, and pull rapidly changing


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