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The main measures promote farm machinery sound and rapid development


One hand is to improve policies and create the environment. Continue to implement the purchase of agricultural subsidies,subsidies to improve management practices, standard operating procedures , to maximize the effect of the role of policy guidance and market mechanisms to support and encourage farmers to purchase the production of advanced and applicable technology is mature, reliable , energy saving farm machinery(tractor China), accelerate improvements in the level of China's agricultural machinery and equipment ,improving equipment structure. Implementation of key aspects of agricultural subsidies pilot operations , to support the application subsoiling , straw , increase yield and efficient plant protection , resource conservation and ecological protection of agricultural technology.Service tax exemption of agricultural operations , to encourage agricultural insurance and agricultural credit business,promote agricultural social service development. Implementation of projects promoting agricultural mechanization , increased safety supervision , marketing training, test evaluation and rural tractor road(compact tractor,crawler tractor), machine sheds and other infrastructure investment,and strive in agricultural public service capacity building, investment in capacity-building aspects of technology innovation to achieve new breakthroughs .
Secondly, grasp the key ,to reach tractor China in all-round development.Continue to focus on improving the level of mechanization of food production as soon as possible,during, and post the whole process of mechanized farming income sectors extending from mechanization to prenatal, agricultural products in regions around the same time,local conditions and gradually promote economic crops,aquaculture,agriculture, agro early industrial and agricultural waste utilization mechanization.Mechanization of agriculture demonstration area construction,continue to encourage agricultural development pioneered the development of better regional basis to better play the leading demonstration leading role. While according to the full universal tractor , to develop machine income,efforts to break the idea of machine- sowing machines , support, guidance hilly mechanization to achieve leapfrog development. Multi- format, multi- channel technology to carry out agricultural training to improve awareness of farmers and agricultural machinery(tractor China) operating level of new technologies,which will enhance the quality of agricultural employees , creating more new professional farmers.


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