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Promising the trends of the industry from the International Exhibition


The huge amount of "giant" tractor(farm tractor), all kinds of soil preparation machine, planter, applicator...... If you think this year's German international agricultural machinery exhibition is the traditional "project", you may miss the new tendency of agricultural machinery industry quietly appeared. However,farm tractors made in china will moro and more popular in many countries,because China has the thousands of hundreds agriculture culture and experience.
There are many more perfect function, design a more humane Agricultural Machinery Exhibition debut. For example, can realize the planter grain sowing and precision grain sown on the same machine, full automatic distributor for high precision fertilization according to fertilizer varieties and working width, with the "grain quality camera" combine harvesters etc..
The German international agricultural machinery exhibition is a display of innovation stage. The German agricultural society the received 393 applications for the registration of technology innovation, which is a significant part of the agricultural machinery function of refinement and humanity on the.German agriculture association relevant experts told the reportor that the European agriculture machinery is changing from focusing on scale, large volume to fine, humanization, through perfect details, more functional, practical and comfortable.


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