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Oil press factory long-term development should not compete on price


Promotions have become concerned about earning a lot of businesses , achievements , but it can only solve the urgent needs of the moment , you can not have long-term benefits , or even affect the vicious cycle. Edible oil press machine is the production of machinery and equipment, it is indispensable in our lives , with the development in recent years , oil press has also experienced a great deal of technological change , along with economic development does not segment , oil press market competition is very intense , and how we can achieve better development , which requires manufacturers to constantly be changed !
Some manufacturers want to compete on price , although the price of mini oil press machine is a lot of buyers are concerned , but we are more concerned about the quality of its real , price discount , you can get a temporary development and interests , but from a long-term marketing strategy point of view, is not a good strategy , so the price war is not a permanent solution, so the oil refinery for sale should be the quality and performance of the product not of innovation and other aspects , keeping the pace of development of the market is king !

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