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The comprehensive acceptance criteria of high -power wheel tractor


Recently, high-power wheel tractors will receive standard integrated test experience, the "standard complex" is accepted by the expert group.
These experts listened to the development of the thematic report on "high-power wheel tractor standard complex," the project team conducted a site inspection. On this basis, it was agreed that the acceptance by the data review and assessment of the question, we apply a comprehensive standardized methods to improve the quality level of the whole power wheel tractor-tractor for sale,s product development ability to target and build up a comprehensive body of standards and absorption number of patents and scientific research.
The complex targeted, reasonable structure, advanced package of standard technology, coordinated and complete, applicability and operability. Establish a "high-power wheel tractor standard complex" may enhance the domestic high-power wheel tractor and related fittings overall level of quality, with a wide range of exemplary role in the tractor industry. Final Acceptance Group also dragged the company made to a further supplement and improve high-wheeled tractor field trials, the whole transportation and after-sales service standard proposal.

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