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Start tractor difficult causes and solutions


The majority of agricultural users, for the agricultural tractor engine starting difficult situation , seriously find out the reasons for exclusion , in practice , they concluded the following reasons , and resolve them.

First, walk behind tractor cylinder head nut is not tightened or damaged cylinder head gasket crankshaft rotation is found when the cylinder head and the body of a leak at the joint surface sound, may be nuts not tightened cylinder head , cylinder head gasket may be damaged. As for the former, should be required to tighten. In the latter case , when the cylinder head gasket damage is not severe , can be damaged asbestos will make up a good point , serious replaced with new pads.

Second, the intake and exhaust valve leakage of such leakage for two reasons : First, the valve clearance is too small , so that the valve closed lax , need to re- adjust valve clearance . Another is likely to have on the valve sealing cone spots, such as rust, soot and other debris, but also keep the valve closed lax . Checks can crank crank , such as hear the air cleaner and exhaust tube with "squeak , squeak " sound, ie, description intake and exhaust valve leakage phenomenon . The need for valve grinding .

Third, walk behind tractor piston ring worn crankshaft rotation , the compact tractor body's internal ( such as oil lower shell ) a leak sound, because the majority of the piston ring . Can be added to the cylinder some clean oil, such as adding significantly improved after the compression force , then replace the piston rings.

Piston Ring Piston counterparts have moved straight line ( commonly known as the counterpart ) , or because of coke stuck in the piston ring groove , can not eject compressed air cylinder . Turn crankshaft whose behavior is when the crankcase for leakage sound. Piston rings should be removed , remove the coke . If the collar moves straight line , you should put the location of the openings evenly distributed , but must avoid the direction of the piston pin .

walk behind tractor fuel injector to the cylinder head bolts loose at the injector leak , it should be tightened.

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