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The technology of tractor is improving rapidly


Tractor power shift breakthrough technology in the past two decades , this technique has been mastered in the hands of multinational giants.In fact,they can firmly occupy the high-end agricultural products profit tower. More importantly, they seem to have nothing to fear : because they know that most Chinese companies buy parts(tractor part), assemble the whole way to see them is always a threat ;They also know that some of the companies to pursue a little traditional demolition, mapping the way it is impossible to develop a " hydraulic integration ," the power shift technology.
Now along with this breakthrough technology, they may be confused ,but they should already know , the Chinese do whatever they want to bestow era coming to an end.
Tractor power Shift technology but can be a good solution to these problems :outside sun exposure,the driver sitting in the cab with air conditioning as long as the safety of several control buttons on it. Do not need to step on the clutch, do not need to adjust the fields of farm machinery , because of the intelligent control device,the driver will be able to easily adjust the place, headland , dead disappears .Comfortable , simple , easy, fuel-efficient , high efficiency. According to reports, a tractor equipped with a proprietary power shift technology, compared with the current domestic tractor conventional models, saving an average of 30% , can improve the operating efficiency of 40% .


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