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The agricultural machinery development in globalization trends


At present, agricultural machinery market in China is in the best historical period. Related to the healthy development of agricultural market, government, scientific research departments and agricultural enterprises should change the mode of development, optimize the allocation of resources, comply with the principle of development, and promote sound and rapid development of agricultural machinery(tractor,farm tractor,mini tractor) market with strategic initiatives, which is an urgent and arduous task.
Internationalization strategy is marching orderly competition, and farm machinery still need to be strengthened. Look China at the global view,China is the global competition, to see the world at the view of China, China is the world factory. Globalization, globalization operation coordination and global marketing will become the development trend of globalization of Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises competition.
The features of the wheel tractor
1.hydraulic pedal operated vehicle parking brake system,brake system and an operating handle, safe and reliable.
2. hydraulic system optional oil mechanism, large lifting force, capable of supporting large equipment operation; also optional pressure penetration mechanism.
3.optionally installed 1 group /2 group /3 group hydraulic output multi-channel valve.
4.optional air brake device.

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