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Wheel tractor direction of development


In recent years, wheel tractor agricultural machinery development has been one of great concern, and his relationship to the development of the overall income of the peasant economy. The rapid development of China's agricultural mechanization for improving agricultural productivity and promote food production, enhance the ability to protect the supply of cheap farm tractor for sale has played an important role. However, due to decentralized management of land, low level of technology, research and less investment and other factors, China's current wheel tractor farm machinery and equipment still exists structure is irrational, excessive dependence on imports of high-end agricultural enterprises independent research and development capacity is weak and other defects that affect the development of modern agriculture . Excessive dependence on imports of high-end agricultural machinery, technology gap with foreign imitation too large surplus of products, independent research and development capacity is weak. Decentralized management of agricultural development constraints, power machinery and more, supporting machinery less. Hebei Agricultural Secretary Lian told reporters before decentralized management of the land, formed different cropping patterns, crop varieties and management practices, restrict large-scale mechanical work.
    As low barriers to entry, many agricultural enterprises, especially agriculture tractor agricultural enterprises lack the research and development capabilities, mainly rely on imitation of foreign and domestic well-known agricultural enterprise products for a living. Scattered disorderly low degree of competition restricted to enhance the overall level of agricultural mechanization.
    Agricultural products of agriculture tractor overall technical level of developed countries in Europe and America, in automation, intelligent, full of respect there is a big gap, especially high-end over-reliance on imports of agricultural products. Xingtai Palit tractor factory Factory We have been working hard, as we provide more quality of agricultural products.

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