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How to drive the tractor?

How to drive the tractor? There are seven steps to do.
First, climb up into the tractor's seat. Familiarize yourself with the controls and find the clutch. Set the seat so you can reach the steering wheel, throttle, and other controls easily with your hands and feet.
Press the clutch pedal down to the floor with your left foot of wheel tractor. You want to be sure the transmission is in neutral as you turn it over.
Second engage the break with your right foot. Turn the key forward to start the engine. When it turns over, drop the throttle slightly (without killing it) to let the engine warm up a little. If you jump straight from turning it over to driving, you'll likely stall (two wheel tractors).
Third to drive, release the tractor's parking break. Continue holding the clutch to the tractor floor and put the transmission into a first gear.
Fourth slowly lift your foot off the clutch. Just as with any manual transmission, you want to be slow and smooth as you let the clutch out. It's a lot easier since you don't have to be actively pushing the gas. Keep the throttle at a low setting and take your foot off the brake (massey ferguson tractor).
Fifth, maintain a uniformly slow speed. Tractors aren't made for going particularly fast, they're made for durability and power. Don't push it. Go slowly, treating turns, curves, and hills with special caution.
Sixth, to stop the tractor, press the clutch to the floor completely. Switch the gears to neutral and set the parking brake. Slow the throttle. Turn the tractor key to the off position to stop the tractor engine.

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