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How to checking the tractor before starting?

Before starting the tractor, checking is the necessary step for it, next, I will introduce the checking ways for it.
1.Check your tractor tire pressure. Low pressure in one or more tires may cause instability and create a safety hazard. If you're not driving your tractor every day, make it a routine to give the tires a quick once-over so you know they're in good shape before you get way out in a field.
2.Look for tractor safety issues (new design farm tractor). Walk around your tractor doing an inspection before climbing on. Loose wheel lugs, nuts or bolts may need periodic tightening.
3.Inspect your stabilizer chains to ensure they are properly secured. Do this when your tractor attachments are behind the tractor.
4.Open the hood of your tractor. Look at the cooling system, radiator and battery levels to be sure they are in the proper range.Make sure you have enough oil and fuel to complete the job or task at hand.
5.Be safe at all times. Wear good-quality boots with gripping soles, and keep any long hair tied back. Avoid dangling jewelry that could become caught in moving machinery, and avoid wearing loose or baggy clothing while operating a tractor. Always climb into the tractor using the proper hand holds.

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