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How to use the tractor?

Make sure all operators are trained and familiar with the tractor. Young people under 16 can not drive it. Outfit your tractor with a mowing attachment. For heavy-duty weed control and maintenance of rough areas of your property,(used tractors) it's useful to get a mowing attachment to eliminate invasive weeds and brush. 
Attach a tractor bucket and learn to use it. Most Kubotas and other common smaller tractors have a wide variety of attachments, including buckets that will make your tractor into a kind of small-scale backhoe.
Use cultivator attachments on larger tractors to plow for planting. If you've got a row to hoe, (mini tractor price) the job is much easier with a cultivator to break up the dirt and help plant your crop. Make sure any attachments heavier than the tractor itself have independent brakes.
You can haul brush and other junk around your property. Hitch all attachments properly. Make sure to follow proper safety precautions of tractor machine while hitching your tractor to wagons or other farming implements.

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