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How to make and distinguish sesame oil?

To make sesame oil, it can not leave the sesame oil press machine, that is the professional machine to make enough oil and low residuals. Before pressing, you should roast sesame seeds until the seeds are brown and along with burst phenomenon. When roasting seeds, you’d better keep small fire at the beginning and at last, keep big fire in the middle. The sesame oil press machine price is not very high, it can better make this oil.
To distinguish sesame oil, there are 5 ways to do it. They are water identification, color recognition, freezing identification, heating recognition, odor identification, shock method and taste method. Adulterated sesame oil slick is small and thick, and difficult to spread; Generally speaking, the color of pressed sesame oil is lighter than ground sesame oil. Different ways fit different situation, but when the high quality sesame oil press machine for sale, if you can buy?

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