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How to start different kinds of oil press machine?

There are different kinds ofoil press machines in the market, but how to start all different oil press, here will give you some ways to solve it. We have provided three kinds of oil press  for you: automatic screw oil press, screw oil press and hydraulic oil press. They all have their own characteristics and application scopes which is up to your capacity and raw materials. The screw oil press machine is suitable for commercial use.
The hydraulic oil press is specially suitable for users of sesame, peanut, rapeseeds to use. The main differences between screw oil press and automatic screw oil press are capacity and the degree of automation.  In addition, the oil press machine can be customized depending on your requirements. The capacity of screw oil press and automatic screw oil press is larger than hydraulic oil press, the occupancy area is larger than hydraulic oil press machine.

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