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100HP-130HP crawler tractor driving principle


100HP-130HP crawler tractor steering is achieved by hand pulling the side of the steering clutch, brake while depressing the same direction, so that the track on one side and the other side of the track to achieve the turning steering brake.

100HP-130HP crawler tractor driving principle:
Power transmission is by traveling through the engine, the drive wheels to get the drive torque Mk, get driving torque wheels and tires through the tire tread surface to the ground is small, backward horizontal force (tangential force), and face driving force equal and opposite to the force direction of the horizontal meal Pk, Pk rice force is the driving force to promote the tractor forward running (also called feed propulsion). Pk when the driving force is sufficient to overcome the rolling resistance of the front and rear wheels and brought forward traction resistance tools, tractors will be moving forward. If the drive wheels fragmented ground that the driving force Pk equal to zero, then the only place idler wheels, tractors can not travel; If the rolling resistance and traction resistance is greater than the driving force Pk, tractors can not travel. Thus 100HP-130HP crawler tractor is driven by the driving torque of the interaction between the wheels and the ground is achieved, and the driving force is greater than the resistance of the rolling resistance and traction.

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