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What is the 100-130HP crawler tractor?


100-130HP crawler tractor is different from Wheeled Tractor. It is through the endless track supporting a winding on the ground . Tracked contact with the ground , grouser into the soil, driving workers are not grounded. Drive wheel torque in the driving action of the crawler belt from the continuous roll by engaging the teeth of the rear plate and the track section between the drive wheel pin . That part of the track to the ground floor of a backward force , and requires a corresponding reaction to a crawler before Pk , Pk this reaction is the driving force pushing forward the tractor driving . Wheeled tractor driving force is transmitted directly to walking round , and different Crawler Tractor, it 's the driving force Pk is wound on the drive wheels through the track to pass the driving wheel axle , and then by the axle spread through the body of the tractor drive wheels . When the driving force sufficient to overcome the rolling resistance and traction resistance brought tools , supporting wheels rolling forward on the surface of the track , so that the tractor moving forward . As the wheels continue to put a section of the track to the front of the roll , and then it spread through the guide wheels on the ground , so you can continuously supporting wheels on the track with the track laying rolled . Crawler Tractor is driven by torque makes interaction between the track and the ground is achieved by driving wheels , and the driving force is greater than the resistance of the rolling resistance and traction .

100-130HP crawler tractor

The maximum driving force and wheeled tractors same. It depends on the ability of the engine on the one hand, on the other hand is limited adhesion between the track and the ground conditions. In general, the greater the power of the tractor, the driving force is greater. Many factors affect the adhesion, the tractor on its own structure, the reasonable choice grouser track shape and size, within certain limits, to withstand the weight increase of the track, etc., can improve the adhesion and increase traction tractor.

Crawler tractor-C1302 belongs to the 100-130HP crawler tractor section. This product is primarily designed for agricultural jobs.


100-130HP crawler tractor rolling resistance is determined by the mutual friction between the various parts of the soil deformation and walking lines in the vertical direction of the formation, reducing the rolling resistance, increase the tractor's traction.

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