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10 kinds of maintenance measures of 10~20HP walking tractor


10~20HP walking tractor is compact, mobile and flexible. It is suitable for small plot of land, terraces, vegetable and vegetable gardens. And because it is easy to manipulate, easy maintenance, good utilization, low price,it is welcomed by farmers.
1, parking place. Best placed in the warehouse, but not on the chemical fertilizers, pesticides , together , in order to avoid the corrosion parts ; If parked outdoors , you should choose the terrain , dry and ventilated place, and covered with plastic sheeting and other coverings to prevent mechanical damage and corrosion.
2, Chock parts. The 10~20HP walking tractor with a wooden pier or masonry paving , etc. , in order to reduce the load on the tire ; such as why he did not pad inflated tire will have to increase the amount of 10% to 20 %, and should always check , often inflated , essential gas.
3, Thorough cleaning. Clear tractor appearance of dirt and oil, comprehensive inspection , adjustment, tighten all parts and screws to prevent loosening off.
4, Put the net water . After disabling the tractor , put in the engine cooling water , diesel, oil and all put the net .
5, Maintenance parts. Take the right amount of dehydration oil ( the oil heated to about 130 ℃) into the intake manifold, turn the crank , so that the oil adhered to the piston rod , cylinder liners and valve . And shake until the piston compression top dead center , so the valve spring , putting other parts lose their performance long oppressed .
6, Split injector. After cleaning the injector into clean diesel fuel , loosen the adjusting screw with a cork to block the injector holes room.
7, Oiling crankcase. Take 1kg dehydration oil into the crankcase , crankshaft and crank a few laps , so that all full dehydration oil lubrication system .
8, Parts wash oil. The rocker, high pressure tubing, injection ju , fastening parts such as bolts and nuts , all coated with dehydrated oil to prevent rust.
9, Well lubricated. Overall by 10~20HP walking tractor lubrication requirements of the site , the choice of fully compliant oil lubrication.
10. Dressing dust. The engine air filter , exhaust tract , mouth water tank , the tank port and so easy to enter into the dust of the earth , tightly with plastic sheeting or oiled paper and other items, prevent the entry of debris and dust.

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