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Notes on Using the crude soybean oil refinery equipment


The crude soybean oil refinery equipment is easy to operate and efficient. The device is mechatronics design, low failure rate, high degree of automation, attractive appearance, simple operation.
1, The external power supply must be reliable, the layout should be reasonable safety.
2, Start-up or crushing machine when the roof must be completely closed. When put on the roof of the cake is completely open.
3, When the crude soybean oil refinery equipment working if abnormal, please stop to check to see if the hydraulic system and the motor drive mounting screws loose fill the seats, the pipeline is leaking.
4, The end of the day, please clean up residue inside and outside the tank, to prevent clogging of diesel oil seam.
5, When the end of the cake careful not to squeeze the plunger rises too high, to prevent hydraulic oil smoke.
6, Adding provisions brands of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil filters regularly, cleaning the tank, found that reducing the hydraulic oil should be promptly supplemented.
7, If found to gauge not working properly, you should promptly stop operation and notify the staff overhaul.
8, The user prior to the test machine, according to regulations of the local power grid must be grounded enclosure or zero line.
9, In the operation of the crude soybean oil refinery equipment,do not attempt to open the electrical cabinet or tank cover.

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