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application for three-row reaper binder


 This three-row reaper binder is mainly used to harvest and bind lowstem crops such as wheat,ricegrass barley oat, reed and straw has three-row working structure which

makes it very convenient for farming work,to meet the requirements of customers.
Three-row Reaper Binder Features
1.Widely used for wheatricebarleygrassoatreed and strawetc.low stem crops;
2. Integrating the functions of cutting and bundling,saving working labor and time;
3.Great adaptation and flexibilitysuitable for plainshillsslopes and mountain areas or the areas where is not available for general reaper binder.
4. Adjustable steer control handle bar with around 180",vertical 30" angle adjustment, easy and convenient to control;
5. Stable performance with the shaft drive system;
6. High threshing ability,low fuel consumption and less than 1% seeds loss rate;
7. The bundling size and tightness can be regulated as required.