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Center Pivot Sprinkling Machine Features and Advantages


Basic Information of Center Pivot Sprinkling Machine

This center pivot sprinkling machine is also called pointertype sprinkling machine,a kind of irigation equipment featured by saving water and improving productivity. lt is mainly usec for irrigating various agricultural crops,industrial crops and pasturessuch as corn wheat vegetables sugarcane,cotton,seedlings and grass,etc.
Center Pivot Sprinkling Machine Features and Advantages
1.Optional engine of electricity grid or diesel generator set.
2.Safe and reliable electrical alignment control system
3.The over-watering protection device saves water; the automatic display unit saves operation troubles.
4.Equipped with impact sprinkler with more than 85% uniformity coefficient; can be used for high-uniformity
chemicals and fertilizers sprinkling
5.This machine can work in the fields with slopes of up 25%
6.lts important components and parts are all hot-dipped qalvanized for 15 year's anti-corrosion warranty
7.High efficiency, low water & energy consumption and labor cost.

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