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Tips and precautions for selecting farm machinery


  Agricultural machinery is an indispensable piece of machinery in agricultural production, many farmers need to buy, and now the state for agricultural machinery is also a certain amount of subsidies. But the market has a wide range of agricultural products, the quality varies, there is no shortage of substandard, mixed farm equipment, so the purchase of agricultural machinery must be careful, today BONA to teach you some tips and precautions when buying agricultural machinery. 
Tips and precautions for buying farm machinery   
1, determine the model Before buying farm machinery, according to the need to choose the type of machine, should learn as much as possible about the performance of the machine, such as power, economy, versatility, safety, convenience, etc. whether it is suitable for local agricultural production conditions.
2、Determine the dealer Select the products produced by regular national enterprises, the seller has good integrity and has the ability to improve after-sales service.   
3, the purchase of machine inspection First, check whether the product purchased has a product certificate of conformity, manuals, "three packages of certificates" and related technical documents. Then check whether the certificate of conformity on the product factory number, inspector chapter number, factory date and other content. If it is a tractor, combine harvester and other products, but also check the machine number, engine number and the respective certificate of conformity factory number is consistent. Next, then check the purchased product random tools, accessories, spare parts and packing list is consistent. Finally, conduct a test run, including the performance and appearance quality of the machine. 
4, ask for the purchase invoice The invoice should be the official invoice supervised by the taxation department, with tax stamp and financial stamp, write clearly the name of the purchaser, product name, purchase time, quantity, specifications, model price, etc.   
5, to participate in training actively participate in the manufacturer or seller training, to understand the use of products, maintenance, maintenance and other related matters, as well as the product "three packages" way, the repairer's address and telephone, etc..   
6, precautions users to buy tractors, combine harvesters into use before, to the local agricultural authorities in a timely manner for license, driving license, safety and technical inspection and other related licenses and procedures, legal compliance for operations. 
These are the farmers to buy farm machinery tips and precautions, farm machinery in agricultural production is very large, so farmers in the purchase must pay attention to the above points, to avoid unnecessary safety or economic losses.

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