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Farmers can avoid additional losses by paying attention to these when using rototillers



Rotary tiller is an essential piece of agricultural equipment for farmers to carry out agricultural production, with farmers is very important, without it is very difficult to effectively carry out agricultural activities. However, if the rotary tiller is not used properly, it is easy to cause damage to the equipment, increasing unnecessary losses, today we will understand what matters should be noted when using the rotary tiller! 
Rotary tiller should pay attention to the following nine points in the process of use.   
1, the operation of the plow blade into the soil slowly, so as not to produce impact damage to the plow blade.   
2, work is strictly prohibited in high-speed driving and backward, in case you need to reverse, you must put the tiller handle in neutral position.   
3, if the tillage resistance, the machine seems to strain, can remove the rototiller on both sides of each - the plow blade.   
4, the work of abnormal noises, should immediately stop the engine off to check, do not work reluctantly. Rotary tiller use matters   
5, before the tractor is turned off, can not risk to remove the weeds on the plow blade.   
6, the field turn, to reduce the throttle, cut off the rotary power, lift the tractor handrail handle, so that the plow blade out of the soil, slow turn.   
7, the field short distance transfer, the tractor should be low speed, crossing the ridge or uneven road, the rotary tiller tail wheel should be raised.   8, in the larger moisture * soil or paddy rotary tillage, must change the anti-skid wheel.   
9, every 3 to 4 hours of work, should stop the engine off to check whether the plow blade is loose and deformed, and check whether the gear lubricant is sufficient, such as insufficient should be added in a timely manner. 
The above is the farmers in the use of rototiller should pay attention to the nine points, for farmers, agricultural machinery is very precious, like anglers baby their fishing rod, and in order to increase the use of their own rototiller years, these matters must be noted.

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