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Agricultural tires poor quality old damage? That's because you don't know how to use them!


 Agricultural tires Tips to extend the life of agricultural tires   
1, tire pressure to meet the standard general steering wheel tractor, guide wheel pressure of 156.9 ~ 200.2 kPa, drive wheel for 78.5-117.7 kPa, trailer tires 402.1 kPa. Walk-behind tractor tire pressure, generally 137.3 ~ 156.9 kPa. Both sides of the tire pressure should be equal. Otherwise driving will automatically run off, affecting the safety of operation.   If the tire pressure is too high, the tire body tissue structure over-stretching expansion, easy to break; In addition, the tire body grounding area is reduced, will also accelerate tread wear; Also, the air pressure is too high, the tire buffer shock absorbing effect is reduced, the locomotive vibration increases, the possibility of tire explosion increases. On the contrary, the air pressure inside the tire is too low, the tire is excessively deformed, and the friction inside the tire body is increased, which will cause tire fatigue and tread damage to increase.   
2, according to the tire load for operation If blindly overload, super speed operation, will make the tire over pressure deformation bending, accelerate tire wear rupture, but also easy to lead to fry tire rollover. Agricultural tire life  
3, in the usual driving to pay attention to the maintenance of tires to do in the uneven road, high-speed beyond the obstacles. Do not overload the operation for a long time when the road is not enough for tire adhesion. Do not start the car by starting the New York. In addition, you should also try to avoid emergency braking, high-speed sharp turns, etc. Pay attention to keep the tires clean, do not be corroded by oil, acid, alkali and other things. Do not let the vehicle parked in the hot sun for a long time.   
4, dismounting tractor tires, "herringbone" pattern can not be installed in reverse Dismounting to be carried out in a clean place, to remove the stains between the inner and outer tires, so as not to bring the mud and sand to wear the inner tube. When mounting, if the tire has a "herringbone" tread pattern, it should not be mounted backwards. Correct installation should be: people standing behind the tractor to look in the forward direction, tire tread "herringbone" top should face up; standing in front of the tractor to watch the drive wheel, tire tread "herringbone" top should face down. In this way, can keep the locomotive safe driving stability and steering flexibility, reduce the tire and the wear pressure of the machine parts.

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