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Maintenance methods of tractor body in early spring


In early spring, the climate is changeable. Due to the characteristics of climate and agricultural machinery itself, agricultural machinery is most vulnerable to "disease" in case of improper use. In order to ensure the safe production of agricultural machinery, in addition to operating agricultural machinery according to regulations, pay attention to the maintenance of the body:
1. The temperature has just picked up in spring, and the metal parts of agricultural machinery are brittle. The lubrication system of agricultural machinery must be maintained according to the specified standards.
2. Clean thoroughly before use. Do a good job in lubrication, adjustment and fastening to avoid looseness and astringency between different parts caused by long-term idle of agricultural machinery in winter, so as to ensure that the machines and tools are put into operation in a good technical state.
3. After operation, the tractor shall be parked in a shelter and warm shed. If placed in the open air, the battery shall be removed to prevent the battery from being damaged by the sudden cold temperature.

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