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Essentials of safe operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery for autumn harvest


Now the basic realization of agricultural production mechanization, and in the autumn harvest, for mechanical operation matters, it is important to understand clearly. In addition, but also do a good job of mechanical maintenance work, can extend the service life of machinery. Here to understand the autumn harvest of agricultural machinery safety operation and maintenance points.
A, safe operation
1, tractor field operations
(1) the driver must be technical trained by the agricultural training school, and obtain a large and medium-sized tractor driving license; tractor must obtain a driving license and plate.
(2) the driver before and after driving, has to do a good job of strict inspection, maintenance work. Tractor must be maintained in normal technical condition, to avoid "three leaks" (leakage, oil leakage, water leakage).
(3) before starting, must check whether the engine cooling water is added enough, whether the external bolts of the locomotive travel system is tightened, whether the gearshift is placed in neutral position, whether the hydraulic lift handle is placed in the lower position. Harvester must check the elasticity of the v-belt before operation, too loose or too tight will affect the service life of the harvester. Too loose triangle belt will cause slippage and lower efficiency; too tight triangle belt will increase bearing wear and tear, increase power consumption, and may cause the shaft to be bent. In addition, the harvester must check the tightness of the sprocket before operation, too tight is easy to wear, too loose chain jumping large, and even jump teeth and chain off. Once the agricultural machinery and equipment found to have problems, to replace the problematic parts, repair the support plate, support frame fracture, to ensure the technical integrity of the mechanical skeleton, external equipment rust block serious should be stored after the whole car spray paint. To control the maintenance requirements, the agricultural machinery operated by the grease, tighten the loose bolts, check whether the parts are missing, missing parts should be replaced in a timely manner.
(4) field operations, people should not leave the car, adhere to the work station, prohibit jumping on and off. Farm equipment hooked up securely, farm equipment is not all up when not allowed to turn, reversing work is strictly prohibited. Locomotive to make temporary maintenance, adjustment, maintenance or to remove tangled grass, must stop and turn off the engine.
(5) When stopping, the gearshift should be put in neutral, and it is forbidden to separate the clutch for a long time. The driver must not move away from the locomotive before the engine is turned off.
(6) When crossing a ridge or ditch, the locomotive should first cut the slope or dig out a gap and pass at low speed. Once trapped, do not increase the throttle and rush, but dig out the floating mud around the locomotive and the ground, fill it with straw, boards and other things, and pull it out at low speed or by pulling it by other vehicles.
2、Threshing operation safety production operation
(1) before the operation: all parts of the machinery carefully checked, adjusted and oiled, the transmission belt around the addition of protective devices.
(2) operation: non-operators are not allowed near the machinery; not allowed to use open fire; not allowed to smoke; not allowed to wear fat clothes and pants; not allowed to use hands or sticks to feed the machine into the grass rod; not allowed to check, adjust, oil and troubleshooting; not allowed to feed stones, iron into the drum.
(3) after the operation: timely clean up machinery, remove debris, maintenance and repair. "Safety first" is China's consistent adherence to the policy of safe production, agricultural machinery is a means of agricultural production labor, in the use of machinery continues to increase, agricultural transport tensions busy, agricultural machinery operating area is expanding the situation, safety is particularly important. Hope that the majority of agricultural machinery operators pay attention to agricultural machinery safety production, more understanding of agricultural machinery safety knowledge to ensure that no accidents in the production of agricultural machinery.

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