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How to maintain and repair tractors? Do these things to maintain a good state of operation of machinery!


A, when operating, in strict accordance with the rules of operation
Operators in the use of tractors, start to smooth. If it is driving in the field and uneven road surface need to maintain a low speed, and do not high-speed through the ditch, ridge and sharp turns. In transport operations to maintain a medium, steady speed driving, try to avoid the emergency brake. In addition, you should also choose the right gear according to the size of the load and do not overload frequently.
Maintain normal tire pressure and track tightness
Operators in the transport process, to keep the tractor tire pressure normal. If the air pressure is too high, the cushioning effect will be weakened, making the tractor vibration intensified, it is easy to damage parts, may also cause driver fatigue. If it is in the field operation tire pressure is too high, adhesion will become poor, thus increasing the amount of sinking and rolling resistance, encounter impact may also lead to inner tube burst.
If the air pressure is too low, the tire deformation degree becomes larger, driving resistance will also increase, easily lead to tire heat, accelerate aging. Tire pressure should be adjusted according to the season, temperature and usage conditions. If the tracks are too tight or too loose, it will lead to accelerated wear. If the situation is serious, it may also cause track jamming and derailment, resulting in component damage.
Third, regularly check the front wheel alignment and steering device
In the daily maintenance and maintenance, need to regularly check and adjust the front wheel positioning, front wheel bearing clearance and steering device, this step is to reduce tire wear and walking parts deformation damage important measures. Operators need to check and adjust according to the required values of different types of tractors. Special attention needs to be paid to the front wheel, front wheel bearing clearance, steering knuckle spindle fixing nut and connecting rod fixing nut.
Fourth, regular inspection and maintenance, keep clean and sanitary
Regularly check the looseness of wheel bolts, nuts, cotter pins and other parts to ensure tightness and reliability. Regularly apply grease to the steering knuckle and other places.
Regularly check the oil level at the guide wheel, supporting wheel, etc., add lubricant when necessary, and promptly remove dirt and oil, and regularly clean and change oil as required.
Keep the walking parts clean. Special attention should be paid not to let gasoline, oil and other acid and alkali substances pollute the tires to prevent corrosion and aging. When removing tires, do not use sharp tools to avoid damage. When installing, pay attention to the tread pattern of the tire. From top to bottom, showing "human" or "eight" top must face the tractor's forward direction. In addition, but also regularly the tires, drive wheels, tracks and other symmetrical parts left and right exchange use, to extend the service life.

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