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How to maintain agricultural machinery after harvesting grain? Pay attention to these three main points


With the rapid development of agricultural technology and the improvement of the overall income of farmers, farmers in the harvesting of grains no longer as before with the help of manual methods, not only low efficiency and also tired. Now a variety of farming machines can replace multiple labor, in order to improve efficiency, farmers simply do not need to personally operate the knife, only need to wait for the machine in the entrance of the field to harvest the grain back. But the farm machinery after harvesting grain, must pay attention to maintenance, otherwise it will affect the next year's use, so how to maintain it? Let's learn together. 

Agricultural machinery maintenance Agricultural machinery after harvesting grain maintenance points 
1, to unload the key components on the farm machine, clean up There are many key components on the farm machine, especially in the harvesting of wheat and other food crops, the machine before the harvesting of wheat drums, blades, these parts may be in the process of harvesting wheat, mixed with a lot of soil, or even some broken straw, etc., these must be cleaned up. It is recommended to unload these parts, wash them with water one or two times, dry them, and then put them in the inventory for good preservation. 
The main points of maintenance of agricultural machines after harvesting grain 
2, pay attention to a comprehensive inspection of the machine, maintenance No matter what kind of farm machinery in the process of use is certainly wear and tear, especially some easy to wear places, such as the harvester on the blade, and drum and other locations must be a comprehensive inspection, so for these parts of the machine, we must pay attention to careful inspection. In addition, we should also pay attention to clean the whole parts to ensure that the parts are fixed, which can effectively improve its preservation rate. 
3, must pay attention to the management of the battery before putting the machine into the inventory Before the farm machinery into storage, pay attention to the battery to be fully charged to ensure that the consumption in the storage process. Treat the electrolyte of the battery, add distilled water or something like that, and pay attention to reasonable use. In addition, when it comes to winter, pay attention to cover the farm machinery for insulation, the distilled water in the battery is easy to freeze in winter, so you must pay attention to the insulation work in winter.
In addition, you can also regularly check the farm machinery in the warehouse every month and manually go to rock the shaft, so as to keep it flexible. The above is the introduction of the three main points of maintenance after the harvest of the agricultural machinery after the grain. In general, agricultural machinery needs long-term maintenance to ensure its long life cycle, maintenance is a small matter but it is about the safety of agricultural machinery, do not be sloppy or perfunctory.

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