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How to correctly use the belt of the 70HP-90HP Tractor belt


Our crawler tractor adopts LR6B5-22 diesel engine, which is fuel efficient and delivers large torque. How to correctly use the belt of the 70HP-90HP Tractor belt? The correct measures are as follows:
1, The installation should be correct. When installed, must make the engine output shaft and input drive shaft can keep parallel, adjusting the position of the diesel engine in the frame to solve, and should make the belt pulley and the verticalinstallation position.
2, Tightness should be appropriate. To adjust the belt tightness, loose belts, willcause sliding, not very good power transmission; belt is too tight, will increase thepower loss of engine, and early wear of belt. In order to reasonably use the belt,the belt tightness and a specific requirements, even if the central belt are four acupressure vertical 20 mm is most appropriate.

70HP-90HP Tractor

3, Disassembling and assembling should correctly. In the assembly belt, some people not only to pry belt properly, and the use of tools is not appropriate, like the band edge or sharp edges and corners of the tool will be the belt to scratch orcreate mark, so, the belt is running at high speed, will cause the crack expands gradually and fracture.
4, Replacement should be reasonable. When choosing the belt, do not pay attention to models or specifications, when replacing the belt, must change the group, do notarbitrarily add or reduce a belt.
5, Avoid the oil pollution, the sun. Stained with oil, water belt, will not only affect the transmission performance, increase the sliding, reduce the transmission efficiency,but also a long time easy to metamorphism, shorten the service life, and thereforeprevent the belt coated with oil or stained with mud should be in use, often shouldclean the belt pulley groove in the dirt, and should avoid sun exposure in order to prevent the deterioration of aging, adhesive tape.

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