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How to do 80-85HP Tractor maintenance work in summer


80-85HP Tractor has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, low tremble, high traction, high adaptability and easy start.
One, reasonable use and storage
In summer, operation time 80-85HP Tractor the best arrangement in themorning and evening, noon to not go out. Normal operation load should be mastered in 85% or so, avoid overload operation. The night will be the best 80-85HP Tractor Park in the garage, open storage to use plastic sheeting to cover good.
Two, to ensure the best delivery time
Summer, should adjust the time oil tractor. If the oil too early, the engine will issue aknocking sound, sometimes a reversal phenomenon; delivery time can not be late,otherwise the engine can not work.
80-85HP TractorThree, to prevent the water temperature too high
Summer, the tractor cooling water evaporation, fast consumption, must add enough water before driving, and check the water level in the work. No single cylinder diesel engine water temperature table, always pay attention to the red label height water tank float float, if not normal use should be timely repair. The work if boilingphenomenon is not directly add cooling water, should stop working, the generatorspeed operation, when the water temperature decreased (about 60) and thenslowly add the cooling water tank, in order to avoid cold crack.
Four, maintain appropriate pressure tire
80-85HP Tractor tire inflation pressure to less than the standard 2%-3% is appropriate, so as not to burst. After parking the car, the best park in the shade ofthe tractor or ventilation, shade, park in the hot sun, to use straw will tire cover.
Five, the viscosity of the lubricating oil
The viscosity of the lubricating oil can improve the performance of lubricating oil,increase the seal. Oil change tractor, to the oil filter, fuel filter, oil bottom shell is thoroughly cleaned. With a diesel engine switch, the summer should turn to the"summer" position, so that the oil through the heat radiation enters the main oil passage, so as not to reduce oil viscosity.
Six, the correct use of battery
The summer should be part of 80-85HP Tractor battery electrolyte sucked inside,add appropriate amount of distilled water, the electrolyte proportion of about 1.25 in the control, every 5 - 10 days to check a level (normal level should be higher than the plate 10 - 15 mm), is insufficient to add distilled water. The battery should keep enough electricity, tractor long time does not work, should remove the battery,placed in ventilated, dry room, every 15-20 days an electric charge. In addition, but also to keep the battery external clean.

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