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You need pay attention to 5 aspects before using 125HP Farm Tractor


Before using 125HP Farm Tractor, you will need to do the following five aspects, which is to ensure the normal operation of the tractor, an important measure to extend the service life.
125HP Farm TractorTighten connections ministries : Even after factory testing, but repeated transfer process, the machine is connected inevitable loosening . Therefore, we should be tightened in a variety of connectors and fasteners , especially steering system , brake system , suspension and wheels and other parts.
Check the fluid level : mainly oil fuel tank , water tank , transmission and rear axle lubricating oil and battery electrolyte level . Found insufficient liquid , the liquid material should be promptly added .
Check the oil : Major should check the following: the quantity of oil in the oil pan , the oil should be no less than the next ruler engraved lines ; such as when a tractor factory was summer , and buy it back when it is winter , the winter should be replaced with oil , and vice versa ; oil filter switch large tractors on the season or the temperature should go to the " summer" or "winter " position ; some factories in order to avoid an oil bath air filter oil pan the oil spill contamination during transport out of the car capacity , and not added at the factory , buy back should be noted that adding oil.
The run : Let 125HP Farm Tractor 's speed from low to high load steeled by running a gradual process , the friction surface machining marks gears , shafts , etc. become more polished commissure . The extension of the life of the running part has an important role , do not to save fuel , ignoring the running process , otherwise it will lose the greater cause mechanical damage in advance .

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