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The agriculture tractor is by agricultural machinery development requirement


Modern agriculture by science and technology , science and technology to the field by farm .The wide used farm machinery is agriculture tractor-wheel tractor,so the agriculture machinery development have directly effected on the tractor.Deep plowing and subsoiling , precision sowing , cultivation accurate , balanced fertilization and other advanced agricultural production technology , leaving the traditional agricultural machinery alone can not achieve human animal . In the overall decline in the number of agricultural labor force today, seeds, promotion and use of good law , agricultural machinery is bound to a carrier , relying on farm hand or agricultural cooperatives members have higher skills,otherwise difficult to effectively promote the implementation . Agricultural cooperatives and other service organizations to close the whole aspect of the anti- farming tube unified operating services, technology directly to join a company means technology fields, significantly shortening the chain conduction technology to improve the quality of agricultural technology promotion . Mechanical materialized through the application of advanced agricultural technology on a large scale agricultural science and technology , the main way to achieve the modern sense of precision farming . Must accelerate the development of agricultural mechanization, agricultural technology to promote standardization of advanced , integrated , large-scale application, making it fast into real productivity.

tractor China
Agricultural machinery(eg,wheel tractor)is an advanced production tools, is an important foundation for advanced agricultural productivity. Level of agricultural mechanization level has become an important symbol to measure the level of agricultural productivity and agricultural modernization. Agricultural machinery(agriculture tractor,tractor China....) to achieve human animal can not achieve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and production costs ; able to do quantitative , positioning, timely completion of shelf life of agricultural production operations, mining and stable yield potential , effective and orderly conduct disaster relief , improve land productivity out rate ; make soil fertilizer and other inputs drug species to achieve precision , reduction , resource utilization , protection of the ecological environment , significantly improve resource utilization. Not widely used agricultural machinery , there is no leap in the development of agricultural productivity. In young growing shortage of agricultural labor , labor cost trends continue to improve , we must accelerate the process of mechanization of labor , to ensure that our agriculture is not shrinking is not depressed , agricultural productivity and stability.


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