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The oil refinery machine have the effect on industry


Oil industry is an old industry,and has been a worrying problem . But the industry does not mean that what is left behind in the battle , yet,for oil refinery machine, the emergence of a food and oil equipment companies standardize and guide the market to provide investors with a huge space. Today , a new company for the first time to grasp the pulse of healthy cereals,launched a series of high-quality and efficient health food and oil production equipment , and quickly became the industry leader , this program is not only for the food industry , the development of the new blue ocean. Changes in the economic development of the same period farmhouse is good news , the vast rural friend can join the ranks of healthy food production and promotion for the community to provide more healthy food , while helping their own way to get rich quickly .
The improved technology of oil refinery equipment upgrade from the company's focus on devices that use technology to improve oil production and crushing efficiency .
First, the increase in crushing stage,crushing squeeze upgrade from the initial two or three large model equipment upgrades from the original three to four squeeze in five models press upgrade. Further increase the inner diameter and length of the virgin , pitch adjustment , the pressure chamber to increase the pressure point , to further improve the oil yield in oil refinery equipment. To avoid oil and then dipped squeeze dry cake residue, set in the Virgin hole lead tank equipment , rapid separation of oil and bread , to improve oil production. Then an additional built-in infrared heating system , depending on the required temperature,preferably a temperature of publishing custom oil varieties , in order to achieve the best media environment to achieve the best efficiency of the oil .

crude soybean oil refinery equipment
For host upgrade , the same operation is essential to the operation of the traditional press, is very complicated and difficult operation , improper handling prone to failure . The company introduced advanced equipment in China(eg,oil refinery equipment), broaching, so various models of hydraulic machine components and automatic precision extrusion surface grinding, crushing system to improve the precision and finish,coupled with each squeeze oil mill factory go test, the user after purchase, just trying to squeeze into normal production. The automatic oil companies have been upgraded,not only to save energy, reduce costs, more automatic press extrusion longevity.
The company set an example,brewing high quality food,oil, protecting people's lives and promote the development of rural economic restructuring , changes in the rural economy can be described as a great hero. 

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