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The farm tractor electronic controlled has new diesel engine


The series diesel engine of farm tractor is that the company invested heavily in the development of new products,the department conducted a series of products of technology upgrades, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing emissions , these technologies include: Vice- necking and sports matches combustion technology , combustion necking chamber to produce a greater intake turbulence to achieve the best air -fuel ratio to achieve complete combustion . Piston rings and cylinder liners to match the latest technology to reduce friction and improve sealing performance and reduce emissions. Electronically controlled fuel injection technology,electronic unit pump using the same collection include throttle , speed , air pressure , air temperature,water temperature and other parameters, according to the needs of different engine operating conditions,to achieve by ECU fuel injection quantity, injection timing and injection control pressure to make jet fuel more precisely to ensure diesel engine can achieve optimal economic performance and emissions performance over the entire operating range.

cheap tractor
Water-cooled EGR control , the higher stages of emission control, water cooling means in the external exhaust gas recirculation line of the diesel engine of farm tractor(cheap tractor), the exhaust gas is recirculated to control the temperature and to control the exhaust gas flow into the inlet , thereby further reducing the NOx generation and improved fuel economy. No pressure chamber injector technology,in order to effectively reduce HC emissions , and to the EGR control system and electronically controlled fuel injection system more effective work, the need to improve the structure of the conventional injector pressure chamber formed by the spray . Optimize the use of non- pressure chamber injector , the injector each more effective off the oil more simply, to eliminate the phenomenon of post-combustion , better fuel economy.
The operations of farm tractor is more efficient:
Transmission using 16 +16 shuttle shift, gear speed matching reasonable, high efficiency;
320L fuel tank using large reserves, continuous operation for a long time;
Optional three hitch device for a variety of farm machinery operation, high efficiency;
Driving comfort:
Excellent overall performance, advanced structure, stylish, streamlined design, fully enclosed cab, optional air conditioning, heating system, audio, etc., luxurious;
Electric lifter, manipulation comfortable, lightweight


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