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The agriculture tractor development will make great progress


China will intensify its efforts to encourage the development of agricultural technologies and basic research both sides of the border, in order to maintain sustainable agricultural growth.
The main purpose is to ensure national food security and meet the needs of agricultural development(agriculture tractor,tractor China)in order to improve land yield, resource utilization and labor productivity, says the document.
The Government will support agricultural research focused on the biological safety of agricultural products safe and effective use of farmland, ecological restoration and gene regulation.
The government also hopes the major achievements in the development of agricultural biotechnology, seed production, new materials, precision agriculture, irrigation, new fertilizers, epidemic control, marine agriculture, product processing and transportation, and farm equipment.
Installation agriculture tractor front loaders:
1. An exchange exhaust pipe fittings.
2. Connector at the bottom of the frame bolted upright and tractors(tractor part).
3. Joint bucket, lifting arm, leg and cylindrical pin.
4. Down the leg support firm, loaders, tractors driven close to the column after the vertical column, find the right position, the pin connector and rapid changes in the cotter pin.

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