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How to ensure tractor normal operation after raining


Agriculture tractor after being exposed in rain, the following recommendations treatment, to ensure the tractor China normal operation :
1 . Timely cleaning dirt and weeds tractor(eg,compact tractor)
Remove the exhaust pipe clear of sediment inside the sewage
2 . To clean the air filter
First clean the filter with a diesel engine , and then oil infiltration , such as excess oil from the filter during assembly after dropping to do . Remove the cylinder head , remove the valve group , wash the soil , remove the rust grinding valve .
3. Remove the swirl chamber inserts, cleaning impurities, dredge the main orifice inserts jam , start hole ;
Shed rod nut , remove the piston rod group cleaned copper bamboo spatula or remove carbon deposits on the piston .
4. Let go of the fuel tank is dirty oil, cleaning the fuel tank , fuel filter , fuel pump
Release of cooling water, cooling water impurities rinse until clean water flows out of the drain so far . Release sump oil , diesel oil sump cleaning , filter . After washing, the oil mixture was added ( 2 / 3 oil and 1/ 3 oil) , the number of turns of the crankshaft crank cleaning oil tank, oil mixture and then discharged , the position of the scale added to the oil to a predetermined cleaner .
5. Remove the agriculture tractor clutch , cleaning various parts diesel , dry cleaned again after installation .
Released within the transmission gear oil , diesel oil after washing , filling and clean gear oil. Remove sediment inside the tire . Each cleaning mud ball head. Free to adjust the value of the front toe angle and the steering wheel. Apart brakes, brake hub cleaning , brake pads dirt , dry before installation.
6 .Cleaning electrical equipment inside the earth
The coil for drying, check the insulation and conductive properties . Clear pile at the battery poles smear butter. Unscrew the dosing hole cover , clear vent , washed with distilled water impurities within the battery after cleaning charge added to the electrolyte .

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