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The function features crawler tractors have


We adhere to the norms of governance, commitment, fair treatment of customers, domestic and foreign investors and all stakeholders to actively committed to social responsibility, to develop a sustainable and stable dividend policy, practice the concept of return to investors, the market has also been regulators, investors and other aspects of recognition.
According to product technical personnel, crawler tractors wet steering clutch technology, a better solution of semi- tractor in the high- speed linkage status , steering clutch heat problems , greatly extending the working life of the friction plate . The model has traction, ground pressure , wide speed range , wide tools supporting agricultural operations terrain adaptability , optional rubber tracks and other technical advantages , to meet medium-sized farms plowing , harrowing , sowing , income, and duplex dozing operations and irrigation needs .
The new high -volume exports drag shoe is one of a crawler tractor trailer open up international markets significant results. Currently, we have from 40 to 200 horsepower crawler tractors full range of technology platforms . The spring of 2013 , a successful trial 200 horsepower high-speed rubber crawler tractors, crawler tractors domestic product technology pushed to a higher level.
In crawler tractor,we have independent research capability and complete manufacturing capabilities tractor manufacturing company , is also the most complete product genealogy , the oldest tractor manufacturer. Crawler tractor is a drag power upgrade one of crawler tractors , the show as exhibitors large domestic agricultural crawler tractors , tractors with a unique style and technology advantages aroused great interest of the user.


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