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Why the agriculture tractor has conquer the market


Agriculture tractor sales in the market for agricultural fundamentals are still positive. "The government tenders delivered to the market with a raise. Market is still very competitive summer crop looks good in most areas, but some areas have been adversely affected by the lack of rainfall in the critical period of development of the crop.
"Food prices remain good, inventory balance between supply and demand. Prices which will crop for local and international food stocks low, there is a bearing.
Another development is the combine harvesters and threshers for western farm machinery. This machine does not wheat harvest close to the ground, but Arbor, length over twenty-five feet, take off the head. The wheat from the chaff will be automatically re-enters the bag, which is nearly two expert sewer work. Another frequently tractor trailer and picked up the bag and onto the granary or elevator.
Bona is a wheel tractor manufacturer in China.Over the past decades,we have gained much experience in designing and manufacturing agriculture machinery and construction equipment. This enables us to provide quality HP series agriculture tractor to satisfy global customers' needs.
The use of hydraulic braking ensures reliable braking and high safety.Due to its large fuel tank, Bona tractor can operate continuously over a long period of time. Electro-hydraulic control of differential lock results in effortless operation.Dual rear wheel configuration is optional.


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