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The agricultural technology innovation are encouraged strongly in China


China will intensify its efforts to encourage the development of agricultural technologies and basic research both sides of the border, in order to maintain sustainable agricultural growth.
The Government will support agricultural research focused on the biological safety of agricultural products safe and effective use of farmland, ecological restoration and gene regulation.The innovation include many aspects,such as farm machinery( eg,farm tractor),oil refinery equipment.
The government also hopes the major achievements in the development of agricultural biotechnology, seed production, new materials, precision agriculture, irrigation, new fertilizers, epidemic control, marine agriculture, product processing and transportation, and farm equipment(farm tractor,cheap tractor).
Particular emphasis will be scientific innovation seed production.
As more laboratory construction, but also to carry out major research projects and public interest related to agricultural development, and new varieties of GMO cultivation will continue.
Local governments should further promote agricultural technology and provide guidance grassroots farmers improve agricultural meteorological services. Schools and research institutes will also enhance an important force.

agriculture tractor
The farm tractor product will be given the quality supervision:
To ensure the quality of export products, especially tractors agriculture tractors, inspection and quarantine departments to strengthen the process of inspection and product testing. According purchase parts assembled into the actual car, they guide the enterprises to better feed off raw materials and components, the implementation of supplier management, quality of the whole process critical control point management, semi-inspection, product testing and other control methods. In daily supervision, inspection staff also focused on the operation of the quality management system, and found nonconformity immediately pointed out and guide enterprises rectification to ensure its continued effective operation of the quality management system.


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